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Monday, 27th   April  2015 (12:45PM)
Speaker: Dr. James WONG
Organisation: BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.
Topic: Bio Geometry
About the Speaker:

Prof. Ir. Dr. James Wong is a Chartered Engineer and acoustics scientist. Educated and worked in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, Dr. Wong is one of the nation’s experts in acoustic research. He studied Acoustics at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He has extensively applied the principles of acoustics, electronics and nanotechnologies to solving complex problems for the military, government and private sectors. He has a number of design patents in building components, heat exchangers, and acoustics products licensed to manufacturers. He worked in Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department’s Policy Group and Management Group. In 1994, Dr. Wong established Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) and, in 1997, the environmental Allied Group (BVI), working on advanced applications of sustainable concepts in the agriculture, housing, manufacturing, energy and transportation sectors. Dr. Wong has also invested and participated in music and performing arts productions. Today, AEC has completed over 1,200 Environmental Impacts Assessments and engineering design projects and received numerous Environmental Design Awards.

Specialties: Dr. Wong brings an extensive background in the science and physics of acoustics in the areas of architectural acoustics, especially acoustic in theatres and concert halls. He held seminars in various topics including Science and Spirituality, Acoustics, Alternative Energy Systems, Energy Medicine, etc. in the Hong Kong University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Architectural Departments as well as the HKUSPACE and overseas educational institutes. In addition, Dr. Wong has served foreign assignments in Korea, Philippines, England, Austria and China. Dr. Wong is the Founder and Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Energy.

About Bio Geometry:

BioGeometry is the patented science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. We are all dynamic living energy systems, existing in the sea of energy vibrations that is our world. Our vital energy systems are in constant interaction with each other and with our environment, exchanging energy effects on all levels. These energy effects can be grouped or categorized in a qualitative scale according to their resonant and harmonic effects on biological energy systems. Based on a Physics of Quality, the revolutionary science of BioGeometry uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy-qualities found in any living system.

BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 40 years of research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research identified a unique energy effect found in the energetic centers of all living systems. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or “centering,” to the different energy-qualities or effects within any living system. This one centering energy effect is detected through three specific energy-qualities that it manifests, and has been termed “BG3.” This BG3 energy - quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy-qualities involved. BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to amplify the resonance of this highly beneficial "BG3 energy" quality for general energy-quality balance, as well as to harmonnize energy interactions with the environment.

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BioGeometry is an applied science by virtue of its successful applicability in numerous fields. BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are being applied to architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, and vehicles to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and earth-energy radiation. BioGeometry is also being applied in agriculture and animal farming to increase productivity while reducing the use of controversial chemicals and artificial treatments. A line of BioGeometry products for individual and home use is also available to offer basic BioGeometry energy quality balancing as a long-term support system for our well-being.

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